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Nicaragua offers you its scenic beauty everywhere, on the land, at the seaside, along its rivers and lakes, without a doubt, the most tranquil and relaxing that any visitor will ever find. But if you want real excitement, you will also find a wide variety of opportunities whose bounds are limited only by your imagination, on a scale that ranges from the moderate to the extreme: Canopy, Kayak, Sun and Beach, Turtle Watching during egg-laying, Sport Fishing, Surfing, Sailing, Diving, Hiking, Trekking, and Sand-boarding in an Active Volcano.


Nicaragua is Ometepe, a Biosphere Reserve. A unique island in the world where two volcanoes in the middle of a fresh-water lake attracts more and more people each year, definitely one of nature's most fascinating and beautiful presentations, rich in the history of a friendly people whose island is a Biosphere Reserve, this is Ometepe. With two imposing volcanoes, Concepción (1,610 meters high) and Maderas (1,394 meters) it has a lot to offer to visitors.

Nicaragua has 24 volcanoes, great lakes, and many rivers and lagoons throughout its national territory, as a result Nicaragua is known as the "Land of Lakes and Volcanoes." But its treasures go well beyond that. Nicaragua has volcanic islands and refuges for art and nature, like the Solentiname Archipelago.

Only in Nicaragua can you navigate through rivers and lakes from the Caribbean to the Pacific, because only here will you find the waters of the Río San Juan and the Cocibolca Lake. You will also find that Nicaragua is synonymous with tremendous ecological variety with more than 70 different eco-systems. In Nicaragua you will discover 7% of the bio-diversity of the world and you will learn why it is considered the second lung of the Americas at the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve.


Nicaragua not only represents the brave origin of its indigenous people with the meaning of its name, which is truly linked to its indigenous past in the Nahuatl language, Nic-atl-nahuac: "Here united with the water"; this country is also a symbol of the native resistance to the colonizers.

Nicaragua is a sovereign, that is, a victorious defender and whose people are lovers of freedom and independence, a living example of this is found throughout its history. The fight against United States filibusters in 1856, the fight led by the "general of the people", Augusto C. Sandino, against the intervention of the United States in 1927 and the final triumph of the people in the last revolution of the 20th century, the Sandinista People's Revolution against the Somoza dictatorship, July 19, 1979, led the way to democracy and solidarity in Nicaragua, and through which power was returned to the people in 2006, making a reality of the continuing process of social justice in peace and democracy.

Nicaragua is also known as the land of poets, for the natural wisdom of this people is felt, and because of the warmth and hospitality is felt, they have among them a major exponent of literature and the father of Modernism, a major figure of Spanish letters and learning, Rubén Darío. The marimbas, folkloric dances, and mazurkas give vibrant color to our fiestas. And our long-time theater, the "Güegüense", is a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The music and dance of the Caribbean is felt throughout the land, the artistic work of our skilled artists spreads joy, but it also gives our history and nature.



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