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Vuelos a Nicaragua

How does one move throughout the country?

- Land

There is a broad array of services including car rentals, taxis, tour operators, and buses.

- Air

La Costeña offers national flights.

- Water

With the development of tourism in Nicaragua, the National Government of Reconciliation and Unity has been given the assignment of improving the infrastructure of ports as well as continuing to construct new ports. With the following you will see what is available throughout the national territory, where you can take boats that will carry you to unbelievable places.

1. Lake Xolotlán (tours and water transport)
- Port Salvador Allende (Located in the Managuan Pier.)
- Port Carlos Fonseca Amador (San Francisco Libre)

2. Route (R.A.A.S.): Bluefields – The Branch
3. Route (R.A.A.S.): Bluefields – Corn Island
4. Route (R.A.A.S.): Bluefields - Bilwi
5. Port Corinto (In the Department of Chinandega)
6. Port of San Juan del Sur
7. Lake Cocibolca:

- Puerto Díaz (Chontales)
- San Jorge(Rivas)
- Puerto Granada
- Moyogalpa
- Altagracia
- Morrito
- San Miguelito
- San Carlos

New docks that were constructed in the Gulf of Fonseca, (Department of Chinandega) are located in:

6. Potosí
7. Santa Julia, El Rosario
8. Los Lirios
9. Puerto Morazán

All these docks are located in the Gulf of Fonseca, built in the last year, fulfilling the Declaration of the Gulf of Fonseca where President Daniel Ortega Saavedra and the presidents of El Salvador and Honduras declared this zone as a zone of peace, security, and sustainable development, signed in 2007.

You can also rent a car to get around Nicaragua, here is a list of rent a cars



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