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The national language is Spanish. The Caribbean coast boasts of Creole English as well as Miskito and other native languages. English is spoken in most tourist destinations.


Telephone Code
(505) and the 8 digit phone number.


The Nicaraguan State is secular. Approximately, 58% of the population is Catholic, 25% is Christian-Evangelist, and other sects are in smaller percentages.


The weather in Nicaragua has particular features in three zones clearly identified. Between the lakes and the Pacific Ocean, the weather is dry with low precipitations. During the rainy season or “winter” from May to October, the temperatures average between 27 and 32C. During the dry season or “summer” from November to April, the temperatures oscillate between 30 and 35C. Cooler weather can be enjoyed in the central zone of the country due to the high mountainous elevations, turning humid towards the east. Humid tropical weather prevails in the center of the Caribbean coast towards the sea with warm temperatures and frequent precipitations.




Nicaragua has the same time as the central zone of the United States of America (-6h GMT), and it does not change between winter and summer.


The local currency is the Cordoba.


The only tax paid in purchases of goods and services is the IVA (Value Added Tax) of 15%.

Tips in restaurants are 10%, most already calculated and included on the tab.

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